Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just wanted to share some photos of what Brittney and I have been up too.  We love you guys.  

We took a day trip up to Flagstaff to get away from the HEAT.  Looks like Montana to me!  We both wish we had a home with this backdrop.

 We found some snow in Flagstaff - near Snowbowl.  Brittney really wanted to see some color because she is so tired of PHX brown.
 We took a gondola ride up Snowbowl to see the majestic view.
 We both were ooing and awwing at seeing actual trees and color the whole time.
 Ward service at Coolidge farms one saturday morning.  

 We cleaned out irrigation ditches from dirt and weeds!  Durk Simkins is in the blue, he also works for HP.
 Brittney found this at BB&B.  Sometimes her finger really does get this BIG towards me, it's scary actually...
 Sugar cookies!  Thanks Kari for the recipe.
 I had an unfortunate event on an airplane once in which Owen broke my headphone jack, making my external speakers disabled and only my headphones the only source of sound... 2 years later.... I found a youtube video on how to fix it!  Actually, I got the external speakers to work, but the now the headphone jack doesn't....  can't win them all!

Arizona State Fair

 Cool Ferris Wheel right?
Brittney - "David, we have three days left until Holloween!  What are we going to be?"
David - " I don't care.... what about where's waldo..."
Brittney - " No"
David - " I don't care then...."
Brittney - " Well how about Marry Popins!"
David - " I don't care... "

 David - "That was a great idea to do this!"
We made our own costumes :)
 Guess which one is who's.... you got it!  Left - Brittney's Minion  Right- Davids pumpkin got into a fight
 Some friends have a friend that know a friend that got us in all you can eat BOX seats for the PHX Suns home opener!!!  This is a picture of David Girabaldi who was on Americas Got Talent from this last season performing.

 Brittney all excited!  I took this candidly though in her defense during the National Anthem ( hey, I still love the U.S.A.)
 They Gave out Orange Shirts too - score! 
After...  This has been my headache for the past month and it's not over yet. 


  1. LOVE the update! The cookies look yummy and looks like you two are having fun : ) We almost did the same costume this year! Might have to talk Steve into it next year...

  2. Hooray for pictures, finally! I'll have to show Chase when I get home:)